Resilient stainless steel bathtub

A bathtub in stainless steel has many uses, especially in hospitals where the importance of hygiene is especially high and you need to make sure that the patients are comfortable. There ones hospitals use are of course vastly different from the ones in regular homes, a main difference being that they are height adjustable among other things to help make sure that the patient can be put in without much trouble. They also are designed and made in ways that helps ensure that burn victims can take baths with less risk of harm and pain. The stainless steel bathtub within these institutions are sturdy and generally has some electric functions like the aforementioned height adjustment such as autofill functions to help fill the bath and make the bathing more efficient with minimal heat loss.

Effective bathtubs

These kinds of bathtubs can be bought from manufacturers like TR Equipment, a Swedish company that specialize in making health and hygiene equipment for hospitals and elderly homes. They boast having great low cost of ownership along with functional and easy to use products. Their stainless steel bathtub​ also comes with a thermometer so it's easy to read what temp the water is in along with a cleaning system to make it easier to clean the bathtub itself. They also uses both a shower and cleaning hose and have a pillow as well as footrest to give patients more comfort. They also have other products such as mobile patient lifts, shower trolleys and shower chairs that help institutions keep up a good hygiene.​​