Clinical laminated dental bibs

The laminated dental bibs are something most people will see at least once a year, as they go to the dentist to get their teeth examined or fix any teeth-related problems they might have. The main use for them is simply to protect dental patients from fluids, be they spit, water or anything else that might come during the dental visit.  Being easy to use, cheap and disposable make them a given choice for dentists all over the world. With laminated dental bibs there's little to worry about stains as a result of the dental examination and any other things done during the dental visit for the patient. Generally, they're bought in large packs by dentists as they're one time use kind of items meant to be thrown away afterwards rather than reusing them again.

The different types of bibs

Most of the time the laminated dental bibs are manufactured and sold exclusively to dentists all over the world, being made with either neck ties or adhesive tape to make sure it is stuck secure on the patient without falling off. Generally, they're made from tissue or laminate and have good absorption qualities. The type of bib that a dentist would use depends, as the adhesive tape one is more flexible to apply and potentially more comfortable while potentially being more considerate due to how it is applied. Meanwhile the necktie bibs are better for staying in place in case the patient is more fidgety for one reason or another.​